Saudi Arabia to Build World’s Largest Offshore Tourist Spot

Riyadh – Saudi Arabia is increasingly attracting tourists. Most recently, the world’s largest offshore tourist attraction will be built.

As of last Saturday (16/10/2021), the Arab Public Investment Fund announced the launch of The Rig or the offshore area to be the largest tourist spot in the world.

The construction of The Rig cannot be separated from the ambition of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) who is trying to realize the dream of Saudi Arabia’s economic transformation. To realize that dream, the Arab Public Investment Fund is said to be managing funds amounting to USD 400 billion or equivalent to Rp 5,625 trillion.

In its official statement, the Arab Public Investment Fund said that The Rig is located in a bay that spans an area of ​​more than 150 thousand square meters.

In The Rig later will be made a number of interesting places. Reportedly there will be three hotels, restaurants, a number of helipads and various places of adventure activities to test the adrenaline including extreme sports.

However, the Arab Public Investment Fund did not reveal how much The Rig project is worth.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is currently building six giant projects including The Rig. Quoted from Arab News, the value of these super-giant projects is estimated at US$ 7 trillion or around Rp 98,896 trillion, or almost Rp 100,000 trillion. Saudi Arabia hopes this project can boost investment and the country’s economy.

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