Beautiful and healthy skin is everyone’s dream. But the desire to have beautiful skin has obstacles too. Poor environmental factors can damage skin health, of course, in addition to natural factors, namely aging. A healthy skin expert states that beautiful and healthy skin is in line with proper and natural skin care habits every day. The skin is the largest organ in the human body with an outer layer called the epidermis. The epidermis is an important part in protecting the skin from damaging factors outside the body. Behind the epidermis is a dermis layer which is also called the middle layer of the skin.Read More →

Vitamin C has always been known to have many uses for the body, including maintaining endurance and skin health. Vitamin C is known to be safe for consumption and easy to obtain. Both from food intake and also in supplements, as a useful supplement of nutritional intake. Vitamin C or what is often called scorbutic acid is a type of nutrient that is soluble in water and is not produced by the body. Sources of vitamin C can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables, or if necessary from vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C is needed for development and maintain the functioning of organs. VitaminRead More →